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EarlyRiser1's Helper application

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My IGN is EarlyRiser1

I'm 15 years old

My discord is Earlyriser1

My timezone is EST

How often do you play on the server? - I play on the server fairly often (although i have not been on for long i definitely plan on it), this server is basically the only server i play right now

What times are you normally online? - I can be online from 5:30 PM- 11:00 PM EST (plus a little in the morning before class)

I have never been punished on this server

Do you have any previous moderation experience? - Cumulatively I have experience in almost every different staff position (owner, co-owner, admin, mod, helper, etc etc)

Do you have any plugin experience? - Although i do not have much modern plug in experience i am a quick learner and have dealt with some in the past

I have made 0 staff applications on this server, but a few on past servers

How did you find the server? - I found this server on PlanetMinecraft as a newly registered server, and i just wanted to join because it was the type of server that i was looking for

Why should we choose you for staff? - I think you should choose me for staff because i can moderate and help make the server be better whether it is with plug-ins, getting rid of people using exploits, or making sure players follow rules, and help players understand the commands and other aspects of the server. (i also know how to build a little if you ever need help). Nonetheless i think that i could help the server in many more ways than i have written here but those are the basics.

Anything else? - I go to school most days so i cannot be on during the day, but after school hours (including the weekends) i should be able to be on almost constantly.
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