IGN - __finch__

Age - 17

Discord - finch the chunky robot#1944 (could change due to Nitro)

Timezone - GMT +1:00 UK

How often do you play on the server? - Incredibly often.

What times are you normally online? - Weekends (8:00AM - 1:30AM) Weekdays (1:30PM - 9:30PM)

Have you been punished on the server? - No.

Do you have any previous moderation experience? - Over my 7 years of playing Minecraft, I have accumulated tens of thousands of hours in moderation of several hundred servers, ranging from managerial positions to basic chat moderation positions. Furthermore, I have owned over 10 servers myself, one of which is still running under new management due to my departure from the position. In the many servers that I have moderated, they have each held an average of around 30 to 60 players a day, giving me enhanced skills in managing larger playerbases and to understand how to easily attend to those in need under heavy pressure and time constraints.

Do you have any plugin experience? - I myself have developed about 20 plugins each ranging from basic chat auto moderation to integrated systems for economies and player articulated market services such as auctions and chest shops. Each of my plugins have been made to order with varying levels of success. I also have an indepth knowledge of the user end of plugins, such as command usage and maintaining adequate flexibility in the use of said plugins.

How many staff applications have you made? - Hundreds, edging into the thousands.

How did you find the server? - PlanetMinecraft

Why should we choose you for staff? - To summarise simply, the level of my aforementioned skills will greatly enhance the fluidity and activity of the staff team due to my ability in quickly addressing situations and pushing fixes as fast as possible (perhaps even before they are noticed by the general playerbase). I can be worked with easily and I accept mistakes wherever applicable, I will not hesitate to answer questions from the public as I believe that questioning oneself as well as others is the true path to knowledge and adaptability.

Tell us about yourself - I am somewhat of an unsuccessful academic with an affinity for technology due to my upbringing and finding solutions to problems is one of the most undeniably satisfying things in life. Other than my use of technology, there isn't much else that is overly interesting, I am overly mathematical and pensive when needed but kind and compassionate overall, even if my methods of expressing these emotions are blunt.

Anything else we should know - It's my dog's birthday today (but still prefer cats).