IGN - blondebritishb

Age - 15

Discord - blondebritishb#3185

Timezone - Eastern Timezone

How often do you play on the server? - I would be playing around 2-3 hours a day.

What times are you normally online? - It varies. Usually on week days it should be 5pm-9pm. Weekends would usually be 11am-4pm.

Have you been punished on the server? - No.

Do you have any previous moderation experience? - Yes. I have owned servers and have had a lot of moderation experience on servers. I love helping out communities by moderating chat and making sure that players stay to have a good time.

Do you have any plugin experience? - Yes. As I said, I owned servers.

How many staff applications have you made? - Around 8 in total.

How did you find the server? - Latest Registered Minecraft Servers (Minecraft-MP)

Why should we choose you for staff? - I'm not going to bs you. I want to help and I'm not going to say things like "I believe I can change the servers perspective," and things like that. I'm saying that I would help out as much as I could by benefiting staff members and members.

Tell us about yourself - I like to help out servers and my favorite type of server is a survival server.

Anything else we should know - I like Lunchables and I ate a box last night. Same with apple pie :)