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YoLlama's Application for Staff

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IGN - YoLlama

Age - 13 + 10 months

Discord - YoLlama #2411

Timezone - EST

How often do you play on the server? - Everyday on weekends and about 2 or 3 of 5 weekdays.

What times are you normally online? - Between 6 pm EST and 10:30 pm EST

Have you been punished on the server? - No

Do you have any previous moderation experience? - Yes, but a few years ago on a server that has since shut down.

Do you have any plugin experience? - Yes, I had my own server and played around with plugins a lot.

How many staff applications have you made? - Three or so. (but only one for this server.)

How did you find the server? - I was looking for a small, friendly survival server in which I could build and explore with others.

Why should we choose you for staff? - I'm mature, I have plenty of experience, and I can commit time to the server.

Tell us about yourself - What do I even write here? I've been playing MC since 2012 (I think it was update 1.7 at the time?) and I've always loved the game. It would be great to be able to help others whilst enjoying the game I've known since nearly its inception.

Anything else we should know - No.
Posted Oct 5, 18 · OP
TEN9K AdminHollow
Posted Oct 5, 18
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